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Metdeck utilising the high performance
of Kingspan Kooltherm technology


The Metdeck warm roof decking board combines the superior thermal performance of Kingspan Kooltherm® Insulation board factory bonded to WBP exterior grade plywood. The boarding provides a continuous supporting substrate for the application of long strip metal roofing, ensuring faster fixing times.

Typical U-Values

The following table of U-Values are calculated in accordance with BS/I.S EN ISO 6946:2006 (Building Components and Building Elements. Thermal Resistance and Thermal Transmittance. Calculation Method) and is based on Metdeck used in conjunction with a profiled metal deck with no ceiling finish.

Table of U-Values:

Product Thickness

U-Value (W/m²K)
98 0.23
108 0.21
118 0.19
138 0.16
148 0.15


*Product thickness = insulation + 18mm WBP Ply

Note: Calculations are based on metal roofing on Breathable membrane on Metdeck composite insulation on bituminous vapour barrier on Profiled metal deck U-Value will vary depending on final fixing arrangement to be determined by site specific wind uplift calculation NB When calculating U-values to BS/I.S. EN ISO 6946: 2006, the type of mechanical fixing used may change the thickness of insulation.

For the purposes of these calculations the standard of workmanship has been assumed good and therefore the correction factor for airgaps has been ignored.

NB The figures quoted are for guidance only. A detailed U-value calculation together with condensation risk analysis should be completed for each individual project.

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