Certified Lead

BS EN 12588


Distributor of Lead

Leading Provider

Of Hard Metals

ALM HM Ireland are Irelands largest stockholder for all major metal manufacturers including Rheinzink Zinc, VM Zinc, Zintek Zinc, KME Copper, Samsung Copper, Lindab GreenCoat PLX, Lindab Durafrost PLX and Prefa Prefalz Aluminium.

Our CPD type presentation lasts for approximately 50 minutes and includes details about:

  • Best practice in Zinc, Copper, Steel and Aluminium standing seam roofing and cladding
  • Manufacturer recommended roof and wall build-ups
  • Rain-screen System options in Zinc, Copper, Steel & Aluminium
  • Permissible material to material contacts

Our presentation contributes one point towards an architects CPD points tally. If you are interested in a CPD from ourselves, please get in touch via the contact form in the contact section of this website, and we will get in touch to pencil in a suitable date. If a lunchtime slot is best, we can provide sandwiches etc.