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BS EN 12588


Distributor of Lead

Leading Provider

Of Hard Metals

Hard Metals
Ancillary Products

ALM HM Ireland stock
materials for every aspect of metal roofing

Hard Metals Ancillary Products…

Further to hard metals, ALM HM IRELAND also supply (at highly competitive rates) all associated roofing and cladding products include Nvelope and Kladfix rail and support systems, Warmfast fixing clips, Warmfast self adhesive foil faced vapour barriers, structured underlays and breather membranes, Linitherm PAL OSB, Linitherm PGV FLEX (unique rigid insulation for curved and barrel vault application), Kingspan TR26, Celotext TA4000, Metdeck, Foamglas Readyboard, Ecotherm, Xtratherm, Puren M insulations, Freund tools, Jouanel and other machinery, Express and Perkeo Soldering Equipment, solder sticks, flux cleaning chemicals and more.

ALM HM offer the complete metal roofing, cladding and insulation package.

“A Positive Partnership – Through excellent work ethics and unparalleled service ALM HM Ireland have become leaders in our field.

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