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ALM HM Ireland is an official stockist of PREFA Prefalz® aluminium.

Thanks to its malleability, Prefalz® is more pliable than most comparable folding materials. Planners can use it in many creative ways on roof and façade areas.

The advantages of PREFA Prefalz® include:

  • Comprehensive PREFA system accessories
  • Versatile use – from arched roofs to complex roof extensions, domes or large-scale roofs
  • Colour chart with currently 19 standard colours
  • Available with smooth or stucco surface
  • Low weight sheet strip: 1.89 kg/m²: approx. 2.3 kg/m² roof surface with Prefalz® 500, approx. 2.2 kg/m² roof surface with Prefalz® 650
  • Long service life – non-corrosive!
  • Fully recyclable
  • Also available with protective film on request (smooth surface only)
  • Easy to work with even in low outdoor temperatures
  • Strong load-bearing capacity
  • Alloy, mechanical properties and coating are coordinated with the folding technology
  • No heavy metal erosion
  • Prefalz® is non-combustible (A1)

In addition to Prefalz® coils, PREFA also offer various pre-made systems for roofing and cladding, including, shingles, siding, and composite panels.

PREFA products are offered with a warranty of up to 40 Years on the P.10 finishes.

PREFA UK Website https://uk.prefa.com/

“A Positive Partnership – Through excellent work ethics and unparalleled service ALM HM Ireland have become leaders in our field.

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