Certified Lead

BS EN 12588


Distributor of Lead

Leading Provider

Of Hard Metals

Aluminium Metal Roofing
and Cladding Materials

Aluminium stockist and supplier
to Ireland's building industry...

FalZinc® Aluminium…

FalZinc® a foldable aluminium with a pre-weathered zinc surface combines the advantages of aluminium with the unmistakable aesthetics of pre-weathered zinc.

Dark Falzinc a foldable aluminium with a dark surface has an elegant finish with a slate look and a convincing price-performance ratio in the market environment of dark materials.

TitanSilver a foldable aluminium with a pre-weathered surface has a restrained matt and robust finish in an elegant silver hue.

“A Positive Partnership – Through excellent work ethics and unparalleled service ALM HM Ireland have become leaders in our field.

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